Handy Van (format)

The Handy Van is an interactive program in which two presenters help kids who have a special reason to want to surprise their family member, friend or teacher with a self-constructed gift (i.e. doghouse, slide, tree house, bench, cart, bed, dollhouse, jungle gym, seesaw etc.)

During the building of their project the kids are central to the storyline and reflect in their own words for whom and why they wanted to build their surprise gift. The audience will hear emotional, funny and beautiful stories as only kids can tell them. Kids will learn building skills and discover anything is possible if you work together. At the end of each episode the project is wrapped up in a big bow and gifted to the recipient. It is an instructive and informative children’s program filled with humour and emotion that is certain to interest adults as well as kids.

The program will be supported by an integrated multimedia platform that includes apps/games/social media/internet etc.

  • Core audience kids 8-10, (grand)parents 20+
  • Extended into online media platform
  • For boys and girls
  • Edutainment, DIY, safety, teamwork, friendship
  • Children’s program
  • Live action
  • Fiction as well as realistic elements