Play to learn

Kids just want to have fun,
and here at Kidiyo we say: Why stop them?



Every parent wants the best for their kid, and with the very first years so critical for their development, how do you ensure your kid every opportunity to reach their full potential?

Meet Kidiyo! A new, all-in-one application designed to entertain kids aged 0-6 in an educational and social way. Guided by their favourite character, kids step into an interactive world for hours of fun. Harnessing the potential of smart-media, education is delivered in a stimulating experience, so kids will actually enjoy these crucial stages of their personal development. Kidiyo also encourages interaction between kids, their parents and the world around them.

Leren door te spelen

Play to learn

Our kid-friendly and intuitive platform brings together social- and edu-tainment games, TV series, interactive stories, books, music, and many other activities and adventures. Kidiyo will transform the use of tablets and smartphones into a positive dynamic in the lives of kids.
Parents can trust Kidiyo: the advert-free and 100% safe environment is password secured, preventing unauthorized exits on any device. With our easy subscription service, parents can be confident of no additional or hidden costs.
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